Board Nominees

Ms. Lydia Beebe

Lydia is the former Corporate Secretary and Chief Governance Officer of Chevron Corporation and is on the Boards of Kansas City Southern and Aemetis, Inc. Lydia’s background in governance and transparency will assist the EQT Board in focusing on shareholder value creation and drive shareholder engagement and trust.

Ms. Lee Canaan

Lee is an energy investor at Braeburn Capital Partners and an energy industry consultant. She serves on the Boards of Philadelphia Energy Solutions, LLC, and Panhandle Oil and Gas Inc. Lee has helped to transform companies and has an appreciation for best practices in overseeing and managing energy companies.

Dr. Kathryn Jackson

Kate is the Director of Energy and Technology Consulting for KeySource, was previously the CTO and Senior Vice President of Research and Technology at Westinghouse Electric Company and is on the Boards of Portland General Electric and Cameco Corporation. Kate has strong technology expertise and has overseen and assisted in large scale culture transformations.

Mr. John McCartney

John has served on the Boards of nine public companies, including Rice Energy, and has been the Chairman or Vice Chairman of three. . John has broad experience in leading and overseeing cultural transformations – both as COO of US Robotics and as a director of several companies – and substantial public company board experience, with a reputation for leading boards through inclusive deliberations.

Mr. Daniel J. Rice

Daniel was the CEO of Rice Energy and serves on the Board of EQT today. Daniel was a public company CEO and provided oversight for the digital and cultural transformation of Rice Energy.

Board Nominee Toby Z. Rice

Mr. Toby Z. Rice

Toby was the President and COO of Rice Energy. Toby oversaw all operations of Rice Energy and spearheaded its digital and cultural transformation.

Ms. Hallie Vanderhider

Hallie is the Managing Director of SFC Management and was previously President & Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Black Stone Minerals Company. She has served on the boards of five companies. Hallie has a strong operational and financial background with extensive experience in the energy sector.

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